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reporters today from here at the "Zhongshan torch (Yangxi) industrial transfer industrial park, Taiwan shoe manufacturing base investment promotion" to understand, this is jointly organized by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guangdong province and Guangdong Yangjiang municipal government to promote, to promote the investment environment to Yangxi richly endowed by nature of Guangdong shoe industry in Taiwan. The Pearl River Delta manufacturing industry transfer to eastern Guangdong wings upgrade environment, choose a more suitable for the development of the enterprise foothold. it is understood that the Zhongshan torch (Yangxi) industrial transfer industrial park two 00 five years to start construction, by the Guangdong Yangjiang and Zhongshan government cooperation in the development stage, the park is the first batch of Guangdong Province industrial transfer industrial park three park a certification. to hold the big promotion, Guangdong province Taiwan Affairs Office official said, the aim of this activity is to pr jordans on sale mens omote economic and cultural exchanges between the two cities of Guangdong and Taiwan footwear Yangxi, collusion development. Chen Guoxing, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Guangdong province in the promotion will be addressed, compared to the Pearl River Delta region, eastern Guangdong has abundant land resources and relatively abundant labor, is conducive to enterprise capital expansion, profit maximization. Is located in Zhongshan torch (Yangxi Yangxi) industrial transfer industrial park, has richly endowed by nature geographical advantage, business environment and logical administration and harmonious people gradually improve the supporting facilities, and supporting the construction of the footwear industry labor training center, the majority of Taiwanese friends, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 2006-10-31 10:30 source: Asia Footwear Association Author: Asia Footwear Association Click: sub EU Chinese leather shoes levied 16.5% anti-dumping duties, the Chinese shoe industry how to deal with? Rece cheap air jordans ntly, the 2006 Beijing world footwear forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, was held in Beijing. The participants agreed that the establishment of an independent brand is still the only way for China's footwear industry to stand firm in the EU market. President Yang Chengjie China leather and footwear industry Research Institute pointed out that in the face of anti-dumping, China shoe European Union of Chinese shoes 16.5% levy anti-dumping duties, China shoes how to deal with? Recently, the 2006 Beijing world footwear forum, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, was held in Beijing. The participants agreed that the establishment of an independent brand is still the only way for China's footwear industry to stand firm in the EU market. President Yang Chengjie Chinese leather and footwear industry Research Institute pointed out that in the face of anti-dumping, China shoe enterprises should strive to improve their product quality and price, the formation of competitive brands, to enter each other's market. air jordan 11 space jam for sale (Editor: admin).Adidas launched the 2013 spring and summer sports players and then out of the animal series of shoes 2012-12-16 10:05:55 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Empty Island] Print & nbsp; Close China Shoes News Network December 16, 2012 adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott shoes most impressive is what? Mensao leopard? Bear syphilis? Black's not in black gorilla? Or Original teddy bear? Oh, whatever you're still upset they had not discharged or failed to start because of various reasons, forget it, now's your chance again. adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott will be the animal series in the spring and summer 2013, the first sale is highly controversial and always classic pink VIP Teddy (green camouflage). Like a friend you had better pay attention, the shoes will be on sale at March 15, this time can not miss, the same regret, do not happen twice. Related newsearlier we have reported, by the Chicago bulls Jimmy Butler exposure of a new Air Jordan V "Gold Medal" Olympic color matching shoes jordans on sale online , this time also officially ushered in the relevant offering. This time the white leather uppers as the main theme, with pure black sole echoes, and tongue and bottom in the iconic details of shark fin is selected symbol of Olympic gold color as the ornament, it is full of meaning. It is reported that the Air Jordan V "Gold Medal" in the Nike online store can be purchased, the price is $1399 yuan, interested friends do not miss. followed the last announcement, and the Eddie Huang x adidas Originals collaboration finally came to the surface. According to Eddie's personal Instagram (@mreddiehuang), this collaboration will be based on shoes, which may include a pair of Lian Ming , Superstar, and a pair of slippers. From the Eddie Po out of the picture, the Superstar will be built in all black, and the head part of the shell "will show the metal texture, shoes shoes tail ring is bright; and slippers by the world map with contour styles as the main design, echoing the concept of" World ". At present, this series of official releas Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e time is unknown, like friends also pay attention to our further follow-up celebrate the 10 anniversary of the establishment of the United States shoes shop Classics Sole once again invited to by Vans Vault launched a joint project. This time the two sides choose classic half cab LX as modeled, in the name of "10 seasons", the design inspiration from Ohio to changing climate. Respectively represent the two seasons of spring and autumn blue, brown dichroism coverage via a waterproofing treatment of nylon, velvet and leather shoes body, and is decorated with asymmetric tongue leather standard and the insole pattern, and then carry out a sense of strong brown rubber outsole and. Priced at $140 dollars, this pair of Classics x Vault by Vans Half Cab LX Sole "10 Seasons" will be available for sale in March 5th.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] According to the US China Press Network quoted the Buffalo News reported that Hu Ling Zheng (Ling Zen Hu, transliteration) is a simple-minded, i Retro jordans for sale lliterate several The woman, she almost does not speak English, work in New York two sneakers warehouse, hoping to Apprentice. Hu's husband worked hard all day in addition to a taxi driver, but also to cook. He often drove transportation sneakers, but did not want to violate the law. It is such a couple, and the cottage for selling fake Nike sneakers and involved millions of dollars in cross-border smuggling. Hu and her husband appeared in court in the 22nd, their lawyers want the court to a fine and probation penalty, instead of serving in prison. Judge Richard ? J ? Accra (Richard J. Arcara) final judgment 51-year-old Hu jail imprisonment for one year, her husband Linxiao Cheng (Xiao Cheng Lin, transliteration) imprisonment for six months. Because two people and seized the initiative to conclude a plea agreement, they will not be sent back to China. It is reported that two people 22 years ago to apply for political asylum to the United States. Buffalo's defense attorney Mark ? J ? Mahoney (Mark J. Mahoney), said Hu bo buy cheap jordans online ss will be $ 750,000 in cash, postal money orders and counterfeit goods hidden in Queens Hu home. In 2008, Hu boss was sent back to China. I'm a lawyer Todd ? D ? Greenberg (Todd D. Greenberg) said, I'm just helping his wife transporting counterfeit shoes, do not know that they have violated the law. Greenberg stressed that their customers only transport small number of shoes. Mahoney said the defense lawyer, the government invested a lot of manpower and resources to investigate this case it is a fuss, his clients because the language barrier was breaking the law without realizing it, simply does not know Hu ? Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) . Assistant Prosecutor John ? E ? Lo Khodorkovsky (John E. Rogowski) questioned Hu tried to downplay the role of the defense in this case in. Luo said Khodorkovsky, boss of the large sums of money placed in an "employee" at home, shows the importance of Hu; Furthermore, Lin and Hu to live with every day, it is certainly something to his wife in understanding. "This business is profi cheap foamposites table," Luo Khodorkovsky said, "We must set an example, let people know that trafficking in counterfeit goods is a very serious offense items." A few years ago, Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls) police received several complaints, he said there are vendors at a very low price mobile stalls selling fake Nike, Lin couples will enter the police perspective. United States Drug Enforcement Administration (US Drug Enforcement Administration) agents monitor the call after discovery, cheap Nike is behind a smuggling group in the promotion. Apart of imprisonment, Hu and Lin were sentenced to a fine of 7500 and $ 6000, will also receive a year's imprisonment custody after the sentence. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)just released Fenom x Mastermind Japan Crush, has stirred the people into full of wind and rain, and today also see the latest MMJ Runway published map, the Model is wearing Fenom x Mastermind Japan Crush, you can look at the coat was published i jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black n last year's HEAD PORTER PLUS x fragment design x Burton coat plus MMJ embroidery and embroidery chapter chapter, a bit like MMJ X TMT earlier cap clip, then that piece in Japan is the 50000 yen up pricing, if this time the Mastermind Japan X HEAD PORTER PLUS x fragment design x Burton seems to be at least 60000 yen pricing. The trend is really more and more terrible. (46.67 KB)2008-12-26 Mastermind Japan X HEAD with the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 many color exposure, gave birth to AIR, MAX, JR and Air Griffey MAX II sales promotion, and once again set off a wave of retro shoes. This time again a new color matching Nike Air Griffey Max II is about to be released. This pair of shoes is not only a continuation of the previous generation of full palm window MAX AIR air cushion, more will be followed by the configuration of AIR MAX 2 in order to upgrade the air cushion, but also creatively in the application of carbon fiber trays followed by science and technology, so that the overall performance is greatly improved, a series of th jordan 3 katrina 2018 e popular masterpiece of grief. The shoe body adopts color suede material of black, gray in the bottom heel of the water blue collocation of Griffey and Swoosh to toe, low-key black uppers a lot of luster. This section is expected to sell 10 copies of the listing, like friends can pay attention to. Fashion luxury goods adidas Originals launched NBA2013 team cap autumn and winter 2013-09-27 11:46:01 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: freshnessmag] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network September 27 hearing, like the NBA there are a lot of reasons, maybe you love basketball, love of a certain star, the love that you never do dunks, but also the possibility of a more simple, you like the NBA team LOGO! adidas Originals NBA 2013 launch team cap autumn and winter, including a dozen popular support team, including champion Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and the like, with a precision team logo embroidery on cap, there must be support for your favorite team, or simply bagged overall, for a top day out! (Media Partner: clothing with) Related newsThe founder of Adidas Adi Dassler is a running outdoors enthusiasts, it is because of his preference for the sport, from the beginning of the last century in 60s, Adidas began making special shoes for the marathon and the special movement. And the production of "shock comfortable" wear resistant soles, in order to enhance the stability and scalability of heel, in order to emphasize the "heat" and enhanced upper lay the adidas marathon series of traditional running shoes. As the marathon site is not like track and field all over the world that use almost the material for construction, is likely to be in a different city of the same game, players will see a completely different runway, perhaps is paved, perhaps more primitive stone Zi Lu, dirt road. In order to make the marathon runners can have a choice, in the shoes on the dress in 1978, based on the original Adidas marathon running shoes, launched a pair of more suitable for more rough, bad roads Marathon Trainer running shoes. In this year's spring, adidas has launched the 30th anniversary anniversary in marathon 80, launched its upgrading to Marathon 10; followed by the fall, Adidas also launched two years earlier than the Marathon 80 Marathon Trainier shoes Adidas Marathon shoes new upgrade TR 10. Adidas Marathon TR 10 inherits the essence of the 1978 Marathon Trainer design, including outline, overall design details, and re combinations of the vamp, sole material, and the latest running technology. In the end, Adidas Marathon TR 10 and Marathon 10, the adidas of the new generation of ForMotion technology, but in the bottom, Adidas Marathon TR 10 is more emphasis on grip design in 1978 Marathon Trainer outsole super wear-resistant broken nails has been inherited, and the use of high wear-resistant rubber layer adiWear, fully protect the wear resistance in marathon sports shoes; and Marathon 10 seemingly similar vamp, Adidas Marathon TR 10 uses a more solid matte leather and nylon mesh material, to ensure the protective effect of the foot in the outdoor complex environment. Adidas Marathon TR 10 will be fully listed on November 2011, with a proposed price of RMB 820. Download (87.85 KB)VULCANIZED means "sulfidzing", but was placed in the shoes, the adjective has become synonymous with the representative of many canvas shoes, mainly because of this invention during the two World War in technology is used to make durable shoes, after this Moumou chemical action (Sorry, I'm not chemical expert) the body of the shoe and shoes on canvas, mainly in the end can be closely integrated, now VULCANIZED has been used in a variety of shoes making, changing shoes, but can hang this VULCANIZED outsole is always the tone, style is one of the December launch of the Christmas Eve PUMA El Rey Pony is a small horse VULCANIZED belong to the special vamp, anterior to the posterior segment of the elastic nylon hair whether can achieve its unique effect in color or material download (38.52 KB)El Rey Pony download (57.31 KB)El Rey Pony download (83.29 KB)El Rey Pony